Toy Libraries


Rocking Horse

Toy libraries offer services to local children, families and carers based on regular toy loan for a nominal fee (and sometimes for free). They provide carefully selected toys to borrow, play sessions, and a friendly, informative meeting place for parents and carers.

Toy libraries offer:

  • loan of a wide range of toys
  • play sessions for children and parents
  • information and advice about play
  • a friendly meeting place for parents and carers

Helping children:

  • by giving access to a rich variety of high quality toys
  • by finding toys to suit the abilities of children with special needs
  • by enabling all children to develop vital skills
  • by helping children learn to share
  • by providing spaces to play, learn and have fun

Supporting parents and carers:

  • in discovering the appropriate toys and play activities for their children
  • in understanding the role of play in child development
  • in developing their parenting skills
  • in providing a meeting place for peer support and learning new skills

Toy libraries are often run by volunteers; many are parents themselves. Some are run by paid workers and others are part of a service offered by professionals: nursery and school teachers, social workers, health workers and others. All toy libraries are managed locally and are usually responsible for their own funding arrangements. There are over 1,000 toy libraries throughout the UK, serving approximately 250,000 children.

Toys libraries are also an excellent resource for Inclusion teams. A SEN teacher form Luton recently told us
When we are leading social skills groups then we often use one of the games to help the children to develop their skills. We sometimes have 1:1 sessions with children that require us to talk with a child through the medium of using a game. We also sometimes have the occasion to use a game as a calming down technique with children suffering emotional trauma.We find the ability to access the toys invaluable.

Toy Library Websites

Some toy libraries have developed websites providing information about their services and activities.

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